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Lucky boat - not so lucky/Captains Quarters

That was the first reaction when I told my sister's boyfriend and her friend about what we decided to name the boat Truthfully, I don't know how she got to Hawaii, but she certainly has a storied past since I've acquired her.

Before I left my job as an attorney for the Senate, I took a few clandestine trips to Hawaii, where I was planning my escape. I dreamed of coming back over lunch, scouring over Airbnb and real estate listings in Waikiki, wanting desperately to figure out my move to get back.

Fortunately at the time, I started to earn a little extra income from the corporate rentals we set up in Washington, DC. Using the money that I earned from those and the last 4 years of solid W-2s being an honest tax paying citizen, I was able to acquire a loan to pay for the 60K I needed to buy into a partnership which later turned into a disaster (re: why not to go into business with your friends, or anyone for that matter).

Well, it was love at first sight. I usually become fixated one one detail and for me it was the brass captains quarters clocks and the bamboo framed mirror. To me there was nothing better. I just wanted to be in the presence of greatness.

As I sit here at my desk, after all the trials and tribulations, I finally am in a place where I can blog about her fondly. And I intend on doing so. She is a beautiful woman that gave me a tremendous amount of lessons and drove me to get some incredible partnerships here in Hawaii.