• A reformed attorney, Brynn started this company to indulge her creative side and flair for design.  She loves talking shop and sharing stories with our guests.

    Owner and Founder

    Brynn P. Rovito

  • A recent Park City transplant, McAuley loves to hike and she loves her coffee.  She loves when our guests contact her to tell her how well they slept or how much they enjoyed those little extra touches that she makes happen.

    Head of Guest Services

    McAuley Duda

  • The real brains behind the operation, Lee has a natural knack for hospitality.  We get countless emails about Lee. He always goes the extra mile and he loves to see how kids react when they walk into one of our units.  

    Property Manager


  • Everyone loves Manun.  She is kind, helpful and knowledgable about all things Hawaii, where she relocated from France to surf.  She takes care of our units with so much pride and joy that our guests usually end up asking her to hang out for a drink or two.

    Property Manager

    Manun Salvi

We all know who the real boss is.  All of our units are pet-friendly.

Quality Control Officer


Hospitality Headquarters

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