Live on the Kawaiola


Have you ever dreamed about living on a houseboat?  Have you ever dreamed about living in Hawaii?  We have loved both of those ideas equally, so we figured out a way to do both.

Hawaiian words have multiple layered meanings. In the most simple sense, Kawaiola means "living water.” But the Hawaiian language blesses us with multiple iterations. In English we have syllables, but in Hawaiian we attribute meanings to syllables. Each word has a specific translation, but together they tell a personal story. Life on the water, your story on the water, how the water created your story… Our beautiful little honey can mean whatever you want it to mean. She is yours.

Our Kawiaola is completely restored and renovated.  She started out as a leaking and sinking, rotten sun-parched wooden boat that no one thought belonged here in the Pacific waters.  Our team brought her back to her original swanky glory and made her better than ever.  Wake up to rainbows and early morning surfers.  It is an experience you will never forget and one we are privileged to share.

Many of us have dreamed about coming to Hawaii our entire lives; we can relate. Water moves; it stands still; it flows; it stops.  We felt all iterations, and in the end she gave us life. 

We invite you to contribute.

Carries 36. Sleeps 8.

You’re invited.