Meet Our Team


Suvin "Lee" Vailikit, Director of Property Management, Washington DC

Lee has his parents to thank for coming to DC.  They were one of the first families in China town to own a restaurant (some of the plates are still in one of our units) . He loves the look on little kids faces when they walk into a unit that was just cleaned, and loves to see their excitement.

McAuley Duda, Head of Hospitality and Guest Services, Park City, UT

What brought you to Utah?

Over the past 10 years, I came to Utah for Ski Vacations and summer vacations. I fell in love with the people, the weather, and most importantly, the outdoors. The mountains are where I feel most at peace. So I decided to take the leap and make my favorite vacation spot my everyday life. If you are an adventure seeker, mountain lover, Park City is life changing.

I’m a natural nurturer/people pleaser. So I love comforting and making our guests happy. The amenities that we offer make my job so easy. I love hearing about how well our guests slept during their stay or how much they enjoyed the kitchen, added touches that we offer (Vitamix/shampoo, stuff like that) I love helping them make their stay the best it can be. Whether it be ordering them some Champagne and chocolates for their anniversary or putting in some flowers for newlyweds. I love waiting for their reactions to those extra comforts and surprises.

So that't why we love Utah.  On our last vacation, we thought to ourselves, why not live here year round?  Why not be this happy all the time?  So we did.

What do you love about Park City?

I love looking out of my window in the morning or going for my morning coffee and seeing mountains everywhere. I love being able to drive 20 minutes in either direction and I am emerged in nature. Everyone that lives in Park City appreciates where they live and how lucky they are to be here so I think that just radiates. Everyone is so happy to live here and to visit here so it just makes it that much better. It has a small town vibe and a connection between the people that live here that makes it so magical. You have the greatest snow on earth, tons of national parks, endless hiking/biking trails, endless beauty and that’s what I love most.



Manun Salvi, Director of Property Management Honolulu, HI

I came to Hawaii to surf. I first started airing in Australia in 2015 and feel in love with it. I remember I traveling to Bali to buy my first Baird, because I had no

Money and it wa Sonny $50. When I finally got seven tat surfing, I thought what better place to get better Jan hawiI. It was only an 8 hour flight.

I also feell in love with meeting people

And sharing my Hawaii story and learning about why they came here. That’s why I love my job. People think I’m crazy when I say I live cleaning, but it just relaXes me. Cleaning is so automatic that I can fantasize about other things while I’m doing it. And it’s good exercise.

What I love about Hawaii is that I never noted. I am from France and Australia and I always hremeber kookinga t my watch. Here I never do that. My job gives me a lot of flexibility so I never feel stuck in one place. I look forward to when the guests arrive, I’m always excited to see their reaction after how much work goes into colesmif. It and hearing why they chose the house and why they go here. I love to help them, it makes me feel good to pass on my own knellged onto them. From a hike to picking up the garbage, it makes me feel good to know they are enkoyjfnt heir time and it makes my job even better.


Brynn Rovito, Owner and Founder

Something different brought me to all 3 cities - my brain brought me to DC, my sister brought me to Utah and my heart brought me to Hawaii.   Truthfully I a very strong sentiminetal attachemnt to DC its where the business began and where I really got my footing as a business owner.  What I love most about this business is hearing from the guests.  I just light up when someone takes the time to call me and say how much they love a couch that I designed or how much they love our towels. 

All I ever wanted my whole life was to own a hotel. Big dreams for a little Italian girl that grew up on the south side of Chicago. On the weekends and in the summer I used to make my mom drop me off at the Ramada so I could play in the pool. Back then they didn’t have keycards so I would just put on my bathing suit, walk past the lobby and pretend like I was a guest so I could swim all day. I remember thinking, I want my OWN pool. I used to take all those little lotion and shampoo bottles and when I got home, I’d line em up and pretend like I was handing them out to all the guests at my hotel.

i put a lot of thought into those things so it is really reqarding to hear that someone enjoys them as much as I do.  I consider myself the expert on Hawaii; I have lived there since 2004. Now I live between all 3! 

Lowie, CEO

We all know who the real boss is. 

All of our units are pet-friendly